About Autumn Gineen Couture Institute

Pleasant Greetings!
Mission 1- present opportunities for growth in the creative fields for the community. You don't have to become a fashion  designer to be enrolled in this school. The practice of basic sewing techniques will ensure the beginners a comfortable and easy way of learning this craft. As we continue to grow, we will envolve many aspects of the fashion world and more. 
Mission 2- I am truly dedicated to helping build self esteem, confidence and peace in each person through interactive courses that allows students to soar in all areas of their lives. We are you and you are us. We will learn and grow  together to help build the community around us and go further beyond. Appreciation is greatly magnified for those who participate in the growth and follow along the path of this journey. 
Welcome aboard,
Autumn Gineen
Creative Director, CEO
Our Philosophy

Imitate life through art. Inspire to inspire peace & growth in others as well as yourself.

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