Each session is geared towards guiding individuals on a path of  fashion designing. Learning the basic skills will set the stage for more creative adventures. Providing an atmosphere that is just as fun as sewing helps each student cope with learning a new task in the process. By the end of each session, each student will be able to create their own designs from scratch or by pattern. Either way is a win win!! Thank you for your interest. Don't forget to sign up for the next session or visit us on Facebook to see what's going on.
Sew Simple Sewing Session


April 2018

The Couture Project: Fashion Camp
These little tailors did a great job learning the
art of sewing. Along with learning positive
words and behaviors, they were able to sew
together a tote bag and a garment plus make
their own jewelry. Their showcase is August 10
6p-9pm @ CC's Lryricist Lounge. Grab your seat
today!!      Show

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